Use IPN resources to celebrate and encourage diversity

How can we promote a more culturally diverse pediatric nursing workforce? How can we strengthen care to culturally diverse pediatric populations and their families? Explore our resources as you start and continue conversations to support these issues.

Explore a variety of resources and organizations supporting a more diverse nursing workforce in the United States. Statistics, campaigns, and mentoring programs are included.

Diversity Posters
  • Increasing the Number of Latino Nurses

    To grow the Latino nursing workforce, especially in pediatrics, the profession needs to address barriers and increase support. Read an interview with a leader in our specialty and explore in-depth research about this issue.

  • Providing LGBTQIA+ Sensitive Care

    Pediatric nursing professionals are uniquely positioned to identify concerns, start conversations, and connect children and teens to support. Download our poster and explore clinical resources about providing care for this population.

  • Encouraging Men to Choose Pediatrics

    Only about 10% of nurses are male. Even fewer work in pediatric nursing. We need more men in our specialty. Download posters to promote pediatric nursing careers to men and boys. Other resources are listed too.

  • Celebrating Diversity in Children

    Download and display our 8.5 x 11-inch posters celebrating cultural diversity, age ranges, and complex health needs.